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Kazi Nazrul Islam

National Poet of Bangladesh -- Kazi Nazrul Islam
Kazi Nazrul Islam was a famous Bengali poet ,musician and revolutionary and his spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression.he is known as bidrohi kobi for his His poetry and nationalist activism.he is the national poet of Bangladesh. He is also highly recommemorated in India.He is born into muslim   quazi family.He learned religious education  and worked as a muezzin at a local mosque .he learned more poetry , drama and literature .He worked with theatrical groups.He was serving in the british indian army and after wards he established himself as a journalist in Calcutta. He preached revolution through his poetic works such as” bidrohi “and “ bhangar gan  “ that was published  in dhumketu newspaper.His acivism was in the Indian independence movement and he was imprisonment by British authorities.When he was in prison nazrul wrote the "Rajbandir Jabanbandi"  .Nazrul worked for Indian exploring life.  Nazrul writing them was love ,freedom and revolution. Nazrul wrote short stories, novels and essays but best known as poems.he was also pioneered new forms of Bengali ghazals.Nazrul wrote and composed music about 4000 songs.his collections are known as nazrul geeti  that’s are widely popular.He began suffering from an unknown disease losing his voice and memory at the age of 43 in 1942.The reason was slow poisoning by British Government that is oftenly said but later a medical team diagnosed the disease “Morbus pick” a rare incurable  neurodegenerative disease  in Vienna. In this reason Nazrul's health to decline steadily. He lived in isolation for many years by forced him.In 1972 nazrul and his family moved to Dhaka.

Cover-page of  the book "Nazrul's Poems"
Early life- kazi nazrul islam was born in west Bengal and his village was  churulia near asansol in the burdwan district of west Bengal.His family was powerful taluqdar  and he was  second  of three  sons and a daughter of his family.His father  quazi faqeer ahmed  was the imam of local mosque and mausoleum .His mother was zahida khatun and he had two brothers   that’s name  were  Kazi Saahibjaan and quazi ali hussain and a sister  umme  kulsum . His nick name  was  dukhu mia. He was attending the maktab and madrasha and he studied the  quran and  other scriptures, Islamic philosophy and theology. Nazrul left the troupe and enrolled at the Searsole Raj High School in 1910  and later he transferred to to the Mathrun High English School .and he was studying under the headmaster and poet of kumudranjan malik. Nazrul left the school for unable to continue paying his school fees. He  took jobs as a cook and at he most famous bakery of the region  adul wahid,s tea stall that was in the town of asansol. He studied studied Bengali, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian literature  and Hindustani classical music.he was stuying up to class x and he did not appear for the pre tast examination of matriculation.In 1917. he joined Indian army at the age of 18. Afterwards he joined in the british army.
Kazi Nazrul Islam 
In 1922 his first poem of anthology  the” Agnibina” was published and  also published  his first volume of short stories, the "Byather Dan" "and and "Yugbani “ , an anthology of essays.
Revolutionary – On 12 august 1922  nazrul was published the first  bi –weekly magazine “Dhumketu”.He was transferred from the jail in alipore to hoogly in kalkata  on 14 ei april  1923 .  By the British jail superintendent , he began a 40 day fast to protest mistreatment .A large number of poems and songs were published by nazrul  during the the period of imprisonment . In the 1920s  many of his works were bannedby the british authorities .Nazrul was struggled for the Indian national congress . Nazrul was published the weekly” langal “On 16 December 1925 . In 1926 he started  to wrote poetry and songs onown as mass music.He was composing the very fast  ghazals in Bengali , writeen mainly in Persian and urdu. He was the first person who introduce islam into the larger mainstream tradition of Bengali music. His first record of Islamic songs were commercial success and many gramophone companies were showed interest in producing these .Muslims were more comfortable in the Bengali arts that was dominated by hindus. Nazrul was working as a lyricist, composer and music director for his master,s voice Gramophone Company. His  songs were written and music composed by him  broadcasted on radio stations across the country.His music was enlisted  with the Indian broad casting company. Nazrul,s poems were strongly emphasise and these  influence  both man and woman. His poem  addresses a prostitute as "mother". Nazrul,s songs were collected and called as Nazrul Sangeet.
Kazi Nazrul Islam at his old age
Exploring religion- In 1928 nazrul,s mother was died and his second son Bulbul died of small pox in the same year and also died his first son Krishna  Mohammad . After wards his two sons were borned  Savyasachi in 1928 and Aniruddha in 1931. but nazrul was shaken and aggrieved for a long time. He worked for Islamic devotional songs thas into the mainstream of bangali folk music. His Bengali folk music was exploring the Islamic practices of  namaj , roja , hajj and zakat .Hindu devotional music was composed and exposed by him such as shama Sangeet, bhajans and kirtans. Nazrul's poetry and songs were inspired both muslims and hindus. Many bhajansshyamasangeet, agamanis and kirtans were written and composed by him and that was invocation to Lord shiva , goddesses lakhsmi , saraswati, the love of radha and Krishna. on 2 September 1922 his another article entitled Hindu Mussalman was published.
Later life and illness- Nazrul published a collection of essays titled "Modern World Literature"in 1933.Different types of literature  was published by him.He published 10 volumes of 800 songs  in between 1928 and 1935 and 600 were classical ragas.100 were folk tunes about kirtans and 30 were patrionic songs.In 1941 he fell ill after his returning to kalkata .His songs were based about baul , jhumur ,shantali folk songs ,jhanpan or the folk songs of snake charmers, bhatiali and bhaoaiaetc.He also wrote about children .
Nazrul's physical and mental health did not inspite of proper treatment and attention of him. His youngest son, Kazi Aniruddha was died in 1974 and nazrul soon  succumbed  and    he was died on 29 Augast 1976.                                             

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