Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eye shades

Pink eye makeup
Sparkly eye makeup
Eye shade brings the eye beauty. Eye makeup looks anyone more attractive to all.You may choose eye shadow colors. From the artist’s color the idea has come. When eye color is green then opposite color make them stand out.your eye makes bright when use bright eye makeup.
Blue eye
Apply blue with warm brown and bronze shades and it make shimmery taupe and blue accents.
Green or Hazel eye    pink eye makeup
This type of eye liiks nice if apply rose, plum hues, violet color. There is also golden, warm brown and green hues etc. Pink eye makeup creates anyone too attractive to all.
Brown eye
If any one brown eye then, you  can use deep, rich shades like berry, mocha, charcoal etc.
All eye
Eye shade
Everybody can make eye silver, golden bronze, charcoal should use sparkly eye make up.
To make smoky eye
To make the eye smoky needs to use at least three shades of similar hue. To make classic smoky eye use with black or gray, bronze and brown etc. it should be choose three shades of each color such as a light, creamy color, a dark smoky color. It should not use too much bright color with very fairy skin. Should make pretty face to accentuate your eye.
Use right supplies
Eye shade
Use loose powders and it gives you the best blending. You should use presed powders and cream powders .should use a pencil, cream or liquid eyeliner. To give a very smooth finish cream and liquid eyeliner is use. When use pencil eyeliner it gives a sifter blended look. You should be use good quality brushes such as domed eye shadow brush and concealer brush.
Apply face makeup
You should apply face makeup before put your smoky eye. Under your eyes apply concealer and on any red spots or any dark spots and apply a powder foundation. To bring lighty look should use a large fluffy brush. Your eye brows should well shaped, colored. Too thin brow make look dark or unnatural.

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