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Eyeliner is a cosmetic item and it applies the  contours of the eyes. The women and girls are use this item.
In Ancient Egypt and Mesopotemia eyeliner was first used. The Egyptians wore various types of cosmetics and from the desert sun  to protect the skin. From the Land of punt, coptos and Western Asia , Ancient Egyptian kohi contained galena  that was imported. The liquid eyeliner was used in 1960.
Heavy eyeliner has been used in the early-first and in the late twentieth century.The women use  this to make more attractive for a party. Eye liner may creat the look a wider or smaller. Eyeliner may use for upper ladher or lower lashes or both. It can change the eye,s,s colors may be various such as frosty silvers and golden, white and even glitter- flecked colors.  In photographs ,it can create depression such as famous” Bleeding mascara”.
Tight lining
Under the lashes of the upper lid, tight lining is use against the water. It also use for the lashes of the lower lid.Water priif eye liner is preferred for the surface of the eye.Tight lining eyeliner make them look longer.Gel eye liner is also use.
It’s formula is depend on it’s texture. On the market mainly five types of eyeliner is available.Different types of eyeliner has different type of effects.
lLiquid eyeliner usually contain in a small bottle and it is a opaque type . It is applied with felt applicator or a tiny brush.It makes the eye more sharper and a heavier appearance. on the upper laashline it is applied. Powder- based eye pencil is a wood type pencil. In dark matter shades , it is available.
Wax-based eye pencil contain waxes and it’s application is ease. This type of pencil is soften. It has more colors such as white or beige.
Kohi eye liner is available in a dark matte shades and it is a soft powder. To outline the eyes, it is use. It has three type such as loose powder, pressed powser and pencil. Gel eye liner is soft type and with an eye liner brush it is easily use.

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