Monday, August 25, 2014


Lipliner is a lip pencil and is a product of pencil. It is uses for outer edges of the lip. It gives a smooth shape. It helps to outline the lips and it keeps inside the lip. It also prevents bleed. It makes the lip a bigger contrast.It is available as retractable tube or pencil form. It has multicolor like as lipstick such as red, pink, plum, brown, brick red etc.  It comes  in invisible and it gives illusion or affecting color.
Lip liner applying steps
Lip liner applying is a challengeable method for loyal makeup user. If it is done correctly it increase wear of lipstick and it prevents color bleeding, color feathering, hide lip feathers and makes the lip stuning.
Steps  1. How to apply lipliner  Lipstain, lipliner
It is start with a shade of lip liner and creates shade of lipstick. It should practice that how to use lip liner steps 2.  It should practice natural or clear lip liner and it should not mistakes.
3. It makes your lip clean and it protects oily of lip.
Step 4.  It makes the lip a dot along the lip line and at the center of upper lip.
Step 5. It makes more dots and  makes raised sections ofeach  side of lips. You may use long lasting lipliner.
Step 6.  It makes 2-3 dots along with the bottom of lower lip and it does across the bottom. Lip pencil helps the ine acorately
Step 7.It should use very lightly and should the lines be straight. And it should be remain lip stain.
Step 8.  It is needed to be filled in if has any space and should add more color. It may be use best lip liner for more colors.
Step 9. It should  use  own finger and the edge of a makeup sponge that wipe away and should not outside the natural lip line. you may use water proof lip liner that keeps outline the lip.
Step 10. It should as a same color lipstick and  same shade that looks as natural color.
Step 11. It should use lip brush that blends the stick and it should not a harse line.
Step 12. It should holds lip free handly and should be smooth out the surface area that can be easily apply.    You should use prestige lipliner for easily apply.

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