Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nice fragrance flowers

It is a flowering plant and borage family, Boraginaceae. It has 250 to 300 species.The middle English name turnsole. Garden heliotrope are hepatotoxic.
Heliotropism is a  seasonal  motion of plants. From east to west Heliotropic flowers track the sun’s motion. They refer to old , cottage garden beauty. They brings satisfaction and give delicious aroma to the gardener. The scent of vanilla like cherry pie.
These  flowers are perennials and grows in hot, dry summers. These have varieties colors such as white , deep purple and pale lavender. The deep purple are most fragrant. These are shrub-like plant, small and their height one to four feet. These have dark green long ovals leaves.These flowers bloom in summer. These plants are poisonous for humans and animals when these are ingested.  So be careful  from these for children and pets. These flowers are propagating by seeds or cuttings and need temperatures of 70- 75 F. There is waiting 28- 42 days for germination and  before the last spring frost date it is ned to regular potting soil 10- 12 weeks.
Mock orange
This is a very hardy shrub and long lasting. The flowers are white and citrus- fragrant. These are bloom in the late spring to early summer.
These mockorange shrub has delicious fragrance. These are naturally vase- shaped and these are fragrant and long lasting.
Special features
These are more attractive flowers and has outstanding fragrance. These grow in the late spring to early summer season and their height  are 6 to 8 feet long. Their flowers are pure white and has dark green leaves. Philadelphus microphyllus  is slowly growing species. These bloom in june and these have white star shaped and have more fragrance.
These need full sun and space to grow and spread. A wide range of soils are need to tolerant. It should need carefully plating and gently firm the soil. Watering thoroughly.

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