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Cream for Skin and face

KAOYO Face cream
Beauty Shop Cactus Moisturizing Day Cream
Creams are semi-solid emulsions and it is mixtures of oil and water. It is in two types such as oil- in- water  and water –in-oil creams.  Oil in water is is composed of small droplets of oil and water-in-oil is

composed of small droplets of water.Oil in water creams are comfortable and acceptable. These are less greasy and washed off using water. Oil-in-water creams are difficult and hydrophobic.
Composition- Cold cream has four ingredients such as 1. Water 2. Emulsifier 3. Oil 4. Thickening agent.
It is the mixtures of chemical agents and this can done skin softer and more pliable.This can increase skin’s hydration and it decrease skin evaporation.It  composed of natural oils, emollients, lubricants, natural oil etc.

Aveeno moisturizing cream
Cetaphil moisturizer cream
This prevent, protect and improve skin tone and texture and mask imperfections and treat dry skin.
Normal skin preservation
This prevent the skin to becoming too dry or oily.  You may use light , non- greasy water based moisturizers. It is mixed of lightweight oils and mixed of
acetyl alcohol , cyclomethicone etc.
There are different types of skin such as Dry skin, oily skin, Aging skin, sensitive skin etc.
Dry skin-  Oil –based moisturizers  such as grape seed oil or dimethicone, antitoxidants etc are uses  for treating dry skin.  Petroleum –based products are uses for cracked skin and very dry skin.
Miracle moisturizer cream
Water-based moisturizers are uses for oily skin. Water-based moisturizers such as non- comedogenic products are uses for dryness of skin.
Aging skin
It has petroleum and it is mixed of antioxidants or alpha hydroxidants and it works against wrinkles.
Sensitive skin
For sensitive skin it is mixed of chamomile or aloe.  It is susceptible for skin redness, itching, irritations.
Cold cream
It is mixture of water and certain fats such as bee wax  and various scent agent .  It is designed for smooth skin and it removes make up. The emultion is  “water in oil” or “oil in water”and it is called vanishing cream caused when applied on skin it is  disappear.Cold cream means cooling feeling. It has been used at 2000 years ago.
Honey and almonds cream
LUSCAO cold cream
It is invented  to credited by Galen in second century of Greece. It was mixed grease and water  as ceratum Galena in pharmacy. Now it is named as cold cream. In France and London following this Formula  -    Four ounces white wax mixed with one pound roses oyl and melt
this in a double vessel. This is stirring till to be white and then this product wash with rose water. It is adding a little rose water and rose vinegar in 1650.

In modern formulation olive oil mixed with mineral oil or other oil such as alcohol, glycerin, lanolin etc.
PONDS Cold Cream
Jobjoba oil is mixed with sperm oil of whales in the 1970. Modern cold cream is mixture of borax and it
NIVEA Cold Cream
changes to color whiteness of old cream.

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