Sunday, September 7, 2014

Talcum powder

Talc is derived from Persian and it is a mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate. And it’s chemical
CINTHOL talcum powder
Talcum powder
formula  is h2mg3(sio3)4.In water it is not soluble and is slightly soluble in dilute mineral acids. It has multicolor such as grey, green, white etc. It can absorbs moisture and keeping skin dry and prevent rashes.

Formation of talc
Serpentine+carbon dioxide= talc+ magnesite+ water
2mag3si2o5(oH)4- mg3si4o10(*oH)2+3Mgco3+3H20
It is uses in paint, plastic, paper making, food, rubber, pharmaceuticals, cable, ceramics, electric cable etc.It’s another use  as a cosmetic talcum powder. It is lubricant.  It is used as baby powder for preventing rashes. It is uses  for adult body and facial powders.It i8s also uses for eye shadow and lipstick.
YARDLEY talcum powder
There is 10 popular talcum powder for men is available in the market such as 1.Wild country by Avon- It has a refreshing fragrance ang keep cooling all day long and scent is soothing .2. Mesmerize for him by Avon-  It has an enchanting signature scent and cinnamon , patchouli. It keeps dry and great smelling.
3. Balla powder for Men- It has an effective antibacterial formula and dry to take on the world  in style.
4. Pulse by Axe- It has a masculine fragrance and sweat – absorbing minerals. It keeps dryness, light and fresh.   5. Old spice- It has an earthy smell and perfect talcum powder. It absorbs oil and it’s smell is great.
6.Yardley Gentlemen- It  has aromatic smell of a gentleman. It  keeps dry and aromatic all day.
7.Double Deo by Park Avenue
Ponds talcum powder
It has cooling sensation and winning fragrance.
8. Deep Impact by oriflamme- It has edgy and masculine fragrance and it eradicates foul odour.
9. Black Suede by Avon- It has  rich and smooth fragrance. It has earthy flavours and irrestibi
Talcum powder
lity fresh. It keeps more attractive and greatness. It lasts all day long.
10. Glacier by oriflamme- It has Oceanic fragrance and it keeps  the skin refreshing and long lasting fragrance and has adventurous personality.
There are several types of famous talcum powders are available in Alibaba .com/ showroom such as Ponds talcum powder, dr clean, standard baby talcum powder, baby talcum powder oem, Johnsons baby powder, ponds dream flower, Baby bath powder, Baby skin care powder, ponds oil control talcum powder, baby talc powder, hubby Babies brand baby powder etc. There is also available in the market such as talc Magic, Cologne talc- Denim,   English Perfumed Talc – lavender, Talc-n sandal, talc- lime, Talc  cinthol – original, Talc- Cinthol – Fresh Lime etc.

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