Monday, October 27, 2014

Antitheft software

The are various types of antitheft software are available in the market such as  Norton antitheft, Bitdefender Anti-theft software, M tracker, prey anti-theft soft, avast anti-theft soft etc

Norton Antitheft software
It is a special type of software that helps quickly lock and find your laptop, tablet, smartphone, macbook etc are protect and invaluable information contained on it.  If it is stolen or lost, then it can help to find it use anywhere, anytime and it remotely lock it.It covers the all the devices and use to connected and it is easy to use.
By this software can easily lock your pc laptop and can help to locate it. Through the Norton Anti-theft website it is right over the internet.
Locate- It helps to lock and track your pc laptop, tablet, smartphone, macBook  from anywhere and maps  the location of your device . if it is lost  or stolen  you go to online when uses anyone , it will help to location of your device.
Remote lock
It has remote lock system that helps securely locks your device and it prevents strangers seeing  your information and from using it.
Lost notification
It displays a customizable message to anyone and you can make arrangements to get it back when anyone finds your missing device.
Web control
It has work security over the internet and it can help you to esily locate, track your devices anywhere anytime.
Sneak peek
It can help you snaps photos of anything or anyone in front of your device and saves the images to the Norton Antitheft web site that can help you to get back your device.
Free support
 It can answers and get help by email, live chat, phone or online whenever you need it.

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