Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ice plant flower

Pink ice plant flower
Yellow ice plant flower
Carpobrotus edulis  is called ice plant. It’s other name is highway ice plant, hottentot fig or pigface plant.
Scientific classification-  Kingdom- plantae , order is
caryophyllales, family is Aizoaceae , species is c. edulis and Binomial name is carpobrotus edulis.This has multicolor.It’s large species are  2.5 to 6 – inch- diameter (64 to 152 mm) and yellow or light pink color. It’s small species  are 1.5 to
Red ice plant flower
Purpel ice plant flower
2.5 inch- diameter ( 38 to 64 mm) and it’s color is magenta. It’s leaves are very slightly curved. These plants are succulent, perennial  daisy- like flowers. It is hardy cold and it’s flowers and leaves  are shimmer
that’s are covered with frost or ice crystals. It’s height is 3-6 inches long and 2- 4 feet wide. Ice plant flowers have 5-9 zones and  bloom in the summer season and fall season. It’s foliag is evergreen mostly. In winter season it’s foliage dieback.It has multicolor such as yellow, purple, pink and white color.It’s white color is realy exceptional nice.

Growth- These plants are grow more than 3 ft.  These are 165 ft in diameter. It’s fruit has hundreds of
Orange ice plant flower
White ice plant flower
seeds and it’s seed production is high. These like full sun but can tolerate light shade. They don’t tolerate wet soil and grow well in poor soils. In winter season wet soil kill the plants. This plant become invasive due to dry soil area. 
Propagation- These plants are propagated by seeds, cuttings or division. Spring season is best for division of these plants.   Cuttings
are done in summer, fall or spring season. When these are propagated by seeds , they need light to germinate.
Care of ice plant
Pink with yellow ice plant flower
Light pink ice plant  flower
These plants require little maintenance. They require very little watering. These are not require fertilizing 


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