Monday, November 17, 2014

Red sea beach ,china

Red sea beach, punjin
It is a famous sea beach, had has red plat of chenopodiaceae. It is situated at panjin, Liaoning  . It is the biggest wetland and it’s
landscape is shallow and tide. It can grown in highly alkaline soil. In April it’s growth cycle starts and it’s colour is light red and when it is mature then it is deep red.There are 260 kinds of birds and 399 kinds of wild animals live in this land. It has nice natural ecosystem. In 1988 it was the state- level nature protection area. It is the largest marsh area in Asia and very attractive area for tourists. In this area, Red crowned Crane  called. The largest breeding area of black-mouth gull’s is also endangered. There are 321 species of animals live there. Some endangered birds such as red-crowned crane and Saunder’s gull  are breeding in this grounds.  When 2o endangered species suchas White stork, red-crowned crane, black stork, Whooper swan, White-fronted goose, brown goshawk etc  are  migrating then  172 different species stop  this area. So ‘Home of the Crane” is called at the panjin area. It’s land is covered with reed-grass and so called Red sea beach. It has no red sand but it is covered with the sea weeds of Liaohe Delta. It is green until summer season April or May and the landscape color is change during the
autumn . It’s color is changed to orange, pink and lastly nice red color.

The visiting at park starts mid-september to mid- October. The park  is closed at 5 P.M. This area then looks as color paints the marsh. The
seab beach is closed to the public and it is open  small period for tourists  during the autumn season. You can visit there by bus from the railway station.  If anyone want to visit there , then has to require long long walk there .The visiting as nice Chinese touch.

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