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Queen of Shaba ,Bilkis

Queen of Shaba , Bilkis
She was the queen of Egypt and th-  century Emperior Haile Selassie tried to trace their connection to it.
Queen of Shaba, Bilkis
Ethiopia. Shaba was the capital of the Ethiopia. It’s name was changed into Meroe by Cambyses. Nile from Khartoum the Ancient Meroe is located. There is seen in bible and the holy Quarn about this queen of Shaba.The queen of Shaba Bilkis visited to King and prophet Solomon. she was an important and wealthy monarch. In that time they imported goods from southern Arabia and from India. In the Quran describes about her that she was sun-worshippers .The archeologists excavated a temple  of a sun god. Prophet and king Solomon(ah) gave message to her about Allmighty Allah and descriptionabout that. He was the messenger  from Allah in that time. Prophet and king Solomon (ah) brought her throne with the help of jinn before the queen Bilkis arrived there. The queen surprised to saw that throne. Prophet Solomon constructed a glass floor and the queen mistakes  for that may water and she lifted her skirts. The queen recognized  about the throne. She accepted the faith of Allah and Solomon. He
married the queen. Her father was the last male rulers of the royal line. Her family’s choice was to rule as her borther , prince Nourad
and due to his early death , Bilkis came to the throne .There is more than 50 years ,the queen ruled the Ethiopian kingdom.Their child Menelik I was the king Solomon and The queen Bilkis’es child who was the Ethiopian’s dynasty. For Ethiopian national unity, King Solomon(Ah) provided a strong foundation. In 1769 Emperior lyaos ended that dynasty. The last 20

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