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Blue sapphire (Nellam)

Blue sapphire
It is a precious and special type of gemstone and has most powerful . In hindi it is called Neelam.Who are virgo sunsign(23Aug-23sep) , it is suitable for them. For Capricorn(maker) and aquarius(kumbh) 
Neelam is suitable  according to vedic Astrology. For astrologybCylon Blue sapphiresbare the best Blue sapphires. In Persian it is called Yakut. It’s another name is Sauri ratna. It is composed of aluminium oxide. It is sparkle and if viewed from different angles it displays different coloures. The largest blue sapphires  that’s weighed 42 kilograms found in Sri Lanka. It has intuitive, intelligent and chairismatic , good judgment and peace of mind.
It is available in Lanka, Russia, America, kashmir etc. In Lanka it is found best.  In Kashmir also found best
Blue sapphire necklace
Blue sapphire necklace
quality Sapphires. It is called Mayur Neelam due to the neck color of a male
There are two types of Blue sapphire such as  1.Indranil  and 2. Jalnil
1. Indranil: It’s color is dark blue and it resembles the color of the neck of the peacock.
2. Jalnil: In the center it is light color and on the boundaries it is dark.
Effects: It has fastest power and it can show it’s effects within3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. It has beneficial power for some one’s  financial losses, quarrels,  major problem solves and adverse accidents  during the 3 day testing period. The sapphire will be lucky for you if pleasant dreams come.

It can gain from all sides when it suits anyone. It can gain of property, freedom from disease, freedom from
Blue sapphire bracelete
depression, anxiety etc. It can also remove the bad effects of the seven and a half year Saturn cycle.  It has power to remove frustration,
alcoholism and depressive psychosis etc.

Blue sapphire earring
Blue sapphire ear ring
Blue sapphire ring

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