Saturday, January 31, 2015

What cloths to combine with extravagant jewels, necklaces

Bib necklace
Bib necklace
For wearing extravagant jewelry major guidelines are needed. Who’s necklines are simple ,luxurious necklaces are suitable for them. Long pendants are suit and look good when wear sweaters and vests. When wear fresh , elegant dresses then  should uses delicate , feminine jewels. Jewelry should buy and use according to search  match colors with clothes. Jewelry should select according to your’s clothing style. When  you wear thin silk
shirt , then  massive beaded  necklace  does not match for it. Pearl necklace suit nice for dressy shirt. You should not uses  white pearls with denim shirts or tops.You should wear length necklace according to your length of collar. You should not wear tight necklace  with turtleneck
There are four methods to wear neutral colors.
Wear bright, chunky necklace with neutral colors.
When you Wear  simple black dress or white peasant shirt then you use  thick turquoise necklace . Your dress up should  comfortable and necklace can help and increase fashion sense.
Method 2
Bib necklace
Elaborate necklaces (long silver or gold chain)use with eye catching clothes. You can wear animal print or polka-dotted pattern cloths with this elaborate necklaces that will look you too busy.
With elegant clothing you can wear large pearl or diamond
With everyday garb extravagant jewelry can increase look out of place. This brand-new gems are show off  when you want .
Method 4
With high-cut low-collared shirts and jackets  you can wear bib necklaces.

Elaborate long necklace

You should  wear  bib necklaces with high-cut low collared shirt and this can recover space between the bottom of necklace and top of shirt.

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