Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boisakhi dresses collection.

Boisakhi saree

Boisakhi saree
Boisakhi cotton saree
This is silk Dhupon Saree and has blouse piece also. It’s body color is white and it’s border is deep red color. It looks nice and it’s payment is cash on delivery. It’s home delivery is free and  after order it is hand over within 2 days. It’s price is 1800 taka .
Women’s Boishakhi Saree
It is nice to looking and it has 2 shed , it’s border is red and body is white color with curwork appliqué. Ir has bluse pieces also.It’s code no 809.It’s home delivery is free in Dhaka city. In the outside of Dhaka, it’s delivery

Men's short panjabi
charge 60 taka’s price is 1750 taka .
Men’s short Panjabi
It is very nice  yellow color to looking. It is pure soft cotton. It’s delivery is free. It is cash on delivery. It’s price is 1250 taka.
Salwar Kamiz
Salowar kamij
It is nice to looking and it is red color with mixed of brown color. It is cotton and it’s  dopatta is shipon. It’s size is 36,38,40,42 and unstitch.It’s price is 1750 taka.
Salwar kamij

Salowar kamij
  1. It is nice yellow color and it is cotton with dopatta shifon. It is available and it’s size is 36,38,40,42, 44 and unstitch.It’s price is 1750 taka.

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