Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crystal Ear rings

Crystal stone  ear ring
It looks very nice blue color. It is colorful and bright sun catcher. It is 100% genuine stone. It’s price is $14.75. It is sold by crystalplace.It is medium sapphire. It is made in Austria. It is fantastic clarity, laser cut, flawless crystal. It’s bottom size 50 mm, top octagon crystals are 14 mm size. It is attached with 10” chain. It is made in Austria.
Red Ornaments Garland 36”L
product-description-iframe It looks nice red color. It’s brand name is Holiday, It’s shape is round, it’s weight is 5 pounds, It’s type is plastic. It’s part number is
Red Garland 36
MTX38669-RED. It’s product’s dimensions is 12x 16x3 inches. Product details Product dimensions- 12x16x3 inches. It’s shipping weight is 5 pounds. It’s ASIN is BooM4940pG.

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