Sunday, April 12, 2015

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabethth queen of the 53 member dtates. In the Commonwealth she is the head and Supreme Governor of the church of England.
II is the queen of Commonwealth Nations and she is the 16

Elizabeth is Head of the Commonwealth in 6 February 1952 and regnant of seven independent countries such as Canada, Unted Kingdom, New Zealand
Queen Elizabeth II
, Pakistan, South Africa, Ceylon. She is the longest lived old monarch in the world. She is born 21 April 1926 in London. At home she educated privately. Her father was George vi and mother was Elizabeth  Bows-Lyon. She appointed
At Age3 of Queen ElizabethII
as Colonel at her age of 16.  She acted Counselors of State at her age of 18. Elizabeth has only sister named Princess Margaret. Princess Margaret was born in 1930.she made radiobroadcasts first. at 14 years age in '1940.
 ElizabethIi married with Prince Philip   on 20 november in 1947. Prince Philip is her second cousin. He is duke of EdinbPrince Andrew and Prince Edward. Andrew andlizabeth gave birth four children Prince Charles, princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.
Silver jubilee of her accession was occurred in 1977.
Golden jubilee was occurred in Jamaica in 2002. Diamond jubilee was occurred in 2012. 600 organisations and charities made her patron.
 Her region from 6 February in 1952 to present.
Titles and ststylesIIElizabeth held and received man  honorary titles such as Lord of Mann, duke of Normandy, Duke of Lancaster, Defender of the Faith .

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