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Nawab Faizunnesa chowdhurani

Nawab Faizunnesa chowdhurani
In homnabad area of panchamigao,in comilla district, she was the zamindar She was great women for her social work and charities. She donated many property for various social, educational and other noble works. She was titled Nawab in1889 by Queen Victoria and in south Asia she was first female Nawain
Early life
Nawab Faizunnesa's house
In 1934 she was born in panchamigao of Comilla district.Her father's name was Ahmed Ali chowdhury and he was zamindar of homnabad, panchamigao in Comilla district. In a conservative muslim family, she was raised up  She had no formal education but she learnt Arabic,
sanscrit, Persian. Bengals language.
She was married with her distant cousin zamindar Mohammed Gazi in 1860.
She was separated early and returned her paternal home.
She inherited property and became zamindar of panchamigao after her mother's death.
She founded school, mousqe, madrasa, roads, ponds, hospital and other charitable works.In her village, she founded a dispensary for women in 1893. She had perfomed her hajj and in makka  for the hajji she established a resthouse and in Madina she established a madrasha.She had established school for boys and for girls seperately. This boy's high school was
established by the name of her daughter Badrunnesa.She also established english middle school that was under the Calcutta university in 1909.She established  14 primary girls school. She dugg 14 ponds for the peoples.
For the nation she donated her whole property in 1903 before her death.
She died in 1903.

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