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Syed Abdul Hadi and his songs


Syed Abdul hadi was born at Comilla in 1940.He was the famous singer in Bangladesh. He learnt music at his teen age from his guru Subal Days.He learnt classical vocal music from ustad Quader jameri and PC Gomej later.
From Abdul ahad, he also learnt Rabindra songeet.In 1965 his first album released on Nazrul sangeet and it's music director was Kama's Days Gupta. His modern music album also released at same year.
Since 1960 he has been dominating in the film industry for film songs and he is singing in Bangladesh Berar and Bangladesh Television.He has awarded the national award five times and in 2000 Ekushe Padak.His memorised songs are Achen amar moktar achen amar barrister, "Jonmo theme jolsi Mago", Emonotho prem hoi,
"Jonmo theke jolsi mago " this music is for the film Jonmo theke Jolchi . Its music is composed byAlauddin  Ali , lyrics by amzad hossen and singer is syed abdul Hadi.
"Ekbar Jodi keu Valobasto"this sang by Abdul Hadi and for the film of Jonmo theke Jolchi Mago. Its lyrics by Amzad hossen and composed by Alauddin Ali.

Lyrics in Bangla

ekbar jodi keu valobashto
amar noyon duti jole vashto
ar valobashto
e jibon tobu kishu na kishu peto||

jodi emon hoto ekti kotha
amay bole keu venge dito
sob nirobota
e jibon tobu kishu na kishu peto||

jodi emon hoto ektu srabon
amay kadiye bole jeto se
eito moron
e jibon tobu kishu na kishu peto 
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