Friday, June 26, 2015

Fountain pen

Quill fountain pen
a type of nib pen. It contains watery liquid ink. It draws ink through reservoir  act. To write , It has no pressure on nib.  The first Friday of November is celebrated as Fountain  Pen Day every year.
Fountain pen
History of pen
A reservoir pen was demanded by  Maad al- Muizz  in 973 and he was the caliph of Maghreb .  Qadi al Numan al- Tamimi provided a  reservoir pen.  Two quills were used as a pen , such as one quill used as a reservoir of ink and it was inside the other quill. In this way through small hole ink was squeezed. Samuel pepys  referred  a metal pen in 1663 in England.

Waterman was new feeder inventor of fountain pen in NewYork  in 1883. He recharged  ten years for fountain pen and in 1884 he got a new patent.  

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