Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kumar Bissojit and his song

Kumar Bissojit
He is the most popular singer in Bangladesh.  He borns at Chittagong, Bangladesh. His fathers name is Sadan Ranjan Dey and mother’s name is Sova Rani Dey.  In 1977 , he performed first  music radio show.  His first  music band was Rhythm in 1977 and he was engaged with it for two years.  In  1979 he created  a own new band  Feelings . In 1980 , he sang on the television (Btv).
In 2014 , his 28 solo music albums was released.
About his family
He has married with Naima Sultana and both of them have a son . the son of name is kumar Nibir.
 In 2010 he has received  Bangladesh National film Award for the film Swani Strir Wada. He earned as a best melodist  and also received another national award for the film   “projapoti”.    
There were many music albums released such as Bishader shorolipi,  swargochhaya, jekhane  shimanto tomar, prohori, Othoi nil,  Dirghoshwash,  Ek mutho jochhona , Gontobbo, Root, Rudela Dupur etc.     
He has sang more songs for modern and for fims such as Chondonago rag korona for the film PunorArtist: Kumar Bisshojit Song: Chondona go rag koro na Album: Punormilon
. This song ‘s lyrics by Azad Rahman and composed by Azad Rahman.  
Lyrics in Bangla
Artist: Kumar Bisshojit Song: Chondona go rag koro na Album: Punormilon
 chondona go rag koro na||
 oviman kore bolo
 ar ki hobe?
 chondona go..
. somoy chole jay,
 mon sudhu jole jay;
trishnar jol niye esho na tobe||
chondona go rag koro na.
sob gan theme jay;
sob ful jhore jay;
lojja boson shire esho na tobe||
 chondona go rag koro na||
oviman kore bolo ar ki hobe?
 chondona go...


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