Saturday, June 27, 2015

Potala Palace

Potala Palace
It is located in Tibbat at Lhasa valley on the red mountain. It was constructed by 5th Dalai lama in 1645.It was used as the chief palace until 14th Dalailama. It is a museum now and world Heritage site . It is 400 metres in east West side and in north south it is 350 metres.
It's wall is 3metres thick and its base is 5 metres .It has 1000 rooms , 10,000 shrines, 20'000 statues. its height is 117 meters.
It was founded by Songtsan Gampo. It was required 3 years time to built its external structure and 45 years requir to built its internal structure.In 1649 Dalailama and his government went to the Potrang karpo( White house). Red palace called due to its crimson color of central part. The red palace was for religious study and Buddhist prayer. It has chaples, different halls and libraries.
Its main central hall is called Great West Hall. It has North chapel, South chapel, East ans West chapel. It has three gallery such as first, second and third gallery. Its striking landscape and rich ornamentaion is our historical interest. It has 698 murals, canopies, carpets,jade, curtains, gold and silver objects, collection of sutras etc are  important things.Its outstanding work and creativity is really very attractive to us.It is an example of the Tributian architectural work. It is an exceptional symbol and survival traditional work in the modern world.

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