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The father of Alzebra and origin of Alzebra

Abu Jaafar Mohammad Ibn Mousa All khwarizmi
was invented by old Babylonians and Greek but it was perfected by Abu Jaafar Mohammad Ibn Mousa Al Khwarizmi. He had written a book about the Equation and Integration named  Hisab Al jabr Wal- Muqabalah” and this book used in the leading universities.
Early life
He was born in Uzbekistan in 780AD. He settled in Bagdad.  The son of Harun Al Rashid, Al mamun was the sixth Abbasid ruller. Al-Mamun established  an institute named “Bayt Al Hikmah”(House of Wisdom). He invited several  scholers  and Al khwarizmi worked there.  Al khwarizmi translated Greek scientific and philosophical works.
Contributions and achievements
His book “Hisab Al Jaber Wal- Muqabalah” translated  into Latin in 12th century.  His equations of formula were based on roots, units and squares.
1.       Squares equal to numbers.  ax2 = b
2.       Squares equal to roots. ax2= bx
3.       Roots equal  to numbers. ax=b.
4.       Squares and roots equal to numbers. ex. ax2+ bx = c or x2 + 10 x = 39
5.       Roots and numbers equal to squares. Examples: ax2 = bx + c or 3x + 4 = x2. 
6.       Square and numbers equal to roots. examples. Ax2+c = bx or x2 + 21 = 10.
Its reduction process was  used by  two operations such as Al Jabr and Al Muqabalah.  It was  meant balanced  by Al Muqabalah and  completion meant by Al Jabr.
There were six types of equations solved by this scientist and  alzebraic and geometric  methods using.
He had written also about astronomy, the true position of moon and sun and calculations.
He died in 850 AD.

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