Monday, July 27, 2015

Attractive flower garden Ispahan in Iran

Ispahan flower garden 
is a great green flower garden in Espahan IraIn 1990 it was completed.It uses as

a cultural, recreational, cultural and research center in Iran. It has Iranian style buildings. This garden is covered with 250 species of rock plant and its area is 2500 m2. It has a very nice waterfall on its eastern side.Its height is 4 meter and  with various types of river stones , it is constructed.There is a pond located on its southeastern side of the park and it is covered with 3500m2. The garden's air is fresher by it and it is essential for growing of plat well.
For the children it has a play ground and various kinds of hedges separated it.There are various types of ornamental shrubs, permanent and seasonal plants located in this garden. This garden is very nice and attractive with its karpet like design by flowers. Its paths are covered with different types of granite stones.
It has rose garden and it is cultivated various types of roses.
In winter season its flowers are shortages and for this reason green house  has made on its Northeastern side.There are 132 species of herbs are in this garden.

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