Thursday, July 2, 2015

Three stages of ramadan

Ramadan has 3 stages - 
Rahmat- It is Mercy of Allah
 Magh firat- It is Forgiveness of Allah for human.
Nijaat(Najaat)-  It means that rescue from sin (Salavation).
Ramadan month is our holy month.  This month guides to all human.  Internet is giving facilities to read Holy Quran by online . Anyone  can read it easily through online at their home. Fasting is compulsory for every adult person  except any sick person or journey period. Ramadan month reflects spiritual , blessings,  worship , devotion and improvement.
Our prophet ( Peace  be upon him and his progeny) said
Ramadan month is beginning with mercy, its middle is forgiveness and last part is rescue from the fire
(of hell)- Bihar al- Anwar, vol: 93, pg: 342
From this narration,  Ramadan month is divided into three parts by Almighty Allah.   First ten days of Ramadan reflect mercy of Allah,  the middle ten days  reflect forgiveness of Allah and last of the ten days  rescue us from the fire of Hell.  Whole of the month is full of  blessings,  mercy , grace and forgiveness. This month is a holy month  and from the fire , it saves us and it has no dout.  Laila-tul- Qadr is a night of Ramadan and it is better than other thousand months.
Ashra  is an Arabic word thats mean ten.  The three Ashra  of Ramadan has  separate dua.  In this holy month, Quran recitation is most important because The holy Quran is founded in this month of Lailatul Qadr.  So every muslim should  Recitaion of Quran and pray to Allah for our sin.   The one to ten days is first Ashra ,  11 to 20th is second  Ashra and 21 to 30 is third Ashra. 
First Ashra of Ramadan
The first ten days of Ramadan is merciful and here is this dua

 Translation-“ o the living, O the Eternal, I seek help in Your mercy”.
Second Ashra of Ramadan
The second ten days of this month is forgiveness. For a muslim, here is the dua

Translation-“ I ask forgiveness  of my sins from Allah who is my Lord and I turn towards him”.
Third Ashra of ramadan
The last ten days of this month is rescueness from the  fire of Hell  and pray to Allah for that” O Almighty Allah, save me from from the fire of hell”. Here is the dua

Translation- “ O Allah save me from the fire.”       

Three stages of ramadan

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