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Comparison between peer- to peer Networks and Client network

Summery -
Peer- to Peer Networks
1. It is easy to set up                                   Client or server networks - 1. It is more                                                                                difficult to set up.
2. Its nstall is less expensive.                            2. It is  more expensive to install.
3. It needs wide range of operating system.   3 . It needs a operating system that                                                                                         supports network.
4. It needs more time  consuming to maintain   4. It needs less time consuming to
     Software based used.                                                                                maintain
                                                                                     Software based used.
5. It is maintenance by indidually.                        5. It is maintenance from the                                                                                                   server
6. It has low level of security and depends on the     6. It has high level of security
Operating system.                                                             and controlled by the server.
                                                                                              It is prevented from the
7. It is ideal for less than 10 computers.                              deletion of files.
                                           .                                                        7. It has no limitation to      
                                                                                                    uses  more computers        
                                                                                               and it is supported by the           8. It has no need to use a server.                                  networks.
                                                                                                8.     It needs a server                
9.It needs moderate level of skills to administer              9. It needs high level of                                   network operating system.                    It skills and more                                                                                                                  knowledge about server                                                                                                              operating system.  
             Components of Network - At least minimum 2 computers. There are cables are connected to computers each other.  There is  wireless connection also very welknown to us. Network interface device is connected in each computer and us called network interface card or NIC. There is Switch used from one point to another for switch the data.
It is connected to Network operating system software.

Structured Cabling -
There are two types of network cable such as  twisted- pair ( 10 Base T) and thin coax ( 10 Base 2).
Twisted- pair cable
Twisted- pair cable looks like a telephone wire but exceptionally, it may have 8 wires And inside may 4.   Thin coxial cable looks like copper coaxial cable and used vedio recorder to a TV.
Thin coaxial cable

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