Friday, September 9, 2016

Biobots robot

Traditional robots are made of metal and plastic.  When swings on a person, industrial robot has risk of bone damage or bruises. Researchers are searching for making softer light machine or like animals.
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In recent research that robot combined with tissue engineering. They are trying to make robot powered by living muscle tissue or cell. These are stimulated by light or electricity and that can contract to bend their muscles. It caused crawl or swim and it can move around. These robots are safer for people and work better than traditional robot and less harmful for people. They need nutrients for their muscles.
Building biobot-
Researchers are trying to make biobots by living cells, thats from skeletal muscles or heart  of chicken or rat. These substances are non toxic to the cells.
It is a po!ymer  biohybrid device and its materials are natural and human made materials.
Biobot robot 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Flying car

we are waiting for flying car in 2017 thats  promised Jetsons
Slovakian company Aeromobil has planned flying cars moved to market  soonly.
Its design very latest model that has stowable wings and it is road ready, elongated vehicle . It has more advantages both city traffic and air space. This latest model is named  the Aeromobile 3.0. They will be moved to the first flying roadster , Vaculik told CNBC. It will be luxury cat and its price will be a couple hundred thousand dollars
It looks beautiful integrated flying car.. It will be possible from door to door travel.
It can be used as a road traffic car in any road. In the world, it can be used as a airplane in any airport, Its previous  design was pre prototype Aeromobile 2.5. Its wings, wheels and body materials are advanced  composite materials.
It has latest technical equipments such as autopilot, avionics equipment and.  an advanced parachute deployment system.