Monday, January 21, 2013

Best Selling Book in French History – The Little Prince

This is the best selling book in France. It was first published in the year of 1943. The Little Prince is the mot famous book of the French writer and poet Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Over 140 million copies of this popular book were sold worldwide. This book has been published in over 250 languages. This surprising statistics can make you interested to read such books. There are online books over the internet. Just visit the following link and get your soft copy of the book “The Little Prince”. If you do not like to read books online, then order for your hard copy from the Amazon store. Amazon has huge collections of on line books.

The plot of this book is very interesting. The readers will enjoy and their minds will be refreshed reading the activities of the narrator. The narrator tries to draw something, but the adults cannot recognize the main subject of the drawing; the prince whom he meets in Sahara after a plane crash can recognize the drawings….. Are you not feeling interesting? Download the free books on line by clicking on the following link. You can watch a short video on this book from the following YouTube link.

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