Thursday, February 7, 2013

I did not see any white man, did you?

I am talking about the movie “Stomp the Yard”. The movie is about drama and dance. After viewing Russian ballet and Indian dance, you will not feel the dances interesting. Whatever may be the dances showed in the movie are liked by many Americans. The target audience of this movie must be those guys and the African people to whom such movie can take the place of popular movies in those countries. This movie was released in 2007. After that, many people who like movies in theaters enjoyed this movie.

When I was watching this movie on the television, I observed that there were no white men. Did you see any white man in the movie “Stomp the Yard”? However, the drama and dance for which the group was rewarded in the film can be ranked as dance. I am not criticizing anybody, but I want to tell that there should be something more in a dance. You can view the movie from free movies online. You can get many internet movies which can be watched for free by clicking on the following link. You can also visit the Site for ENTERTAINMENT to get necessary information and links of popular free movies online and new movies. Enjoy the movie and leave your reply as comments on this post.

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