Monday, March 17, 2014

Jewels with zodiac sign

A strong and powerful sign is Aries. Their color is completely red. Rubies are set in silver . Gems with a yellow hue mostly sign of tauruses.Their signs are earth. Agate, topaz and amber are group of tauruses. These  precious stones are realy  suitable  for these copper and silver set .

Purple precious stones are sign of Gemini. These stones will wear confidant and stylish woman. Gold or silver are the sign of cancers.  And these metals are sensitive emotional nature. In the zodiac , leo is the most powerful character. These specialtys are Fiery metals .Gold is special item for these .  Dark materials are sign of gentle Virgos . These sign s of deep purple precious or semi-precious stones and Dark silver combined with black.
Libra is the strength sign of topaz, amber and aquamarine .These gems with silver are make balance for it.
Corals and rubies are powerful sign of scorpios .The one metal silver  is for their sign.
Blue is a sign of sagittarious. Sapphires or blue topaz with set of earrings will look gorgeous . And any sagittarious  lady will so gladful to wear these.

A earth nature is Capricorn. These has special feathers  of temperamental.Black pearls are sign of these. Sapphires and turquoise are simple design  and these are made of silver .The colors of water are most favourite to them.Their potential are unlock by blue with silver and gems in dark blue. If anyone can choose the right gems and metals then occur an interesting effect on the people.These precious metals and stones are the particular and they have own  properties.  When  any lady wear these special items then that will enhance own,s personality.In the 3000 bc in both India and Babylon .the color system of the zodiac sign.untill the 18TH century in Poland  it was not built.these gem stones were used as therapeutcand medicinal properties. in 1912 these gem stones were listed. This is the hystorical merit .  Garnet – It is January birth stone.

Red  color is the sign of garnet.Garnet  is available in every color.Different types of  garnets are available such as semi precious and very precious. And various types of colors are available such as grape colored , yellow , dark brown, rhodolite ,orange spessarite ,blood red pyrope ,green demantiod . Garnet is very beautiful and attractive gems. Amythyst- It is the February birth stone.

Amythyst is a semi precious gemstone and it,s color is rose or purple black.It is a quartz family.It prevent bardness and improve of skin and hair. It protect from deceit.It,s purple shade enhance royalty.

Aquamarine and blood stone- It is the  march birth stone.It is the precious gem of the beryl family. It,s color is beautiful light bule or green colors. It is green with red spots. It brings good health, love, youthfulness and hope.

Diamond – Diamond is april birth stone.It has various colors such as white and it is transparent to black.It  brings love and endure forever.                                                                                                               

Emerald is another precious gem stone in the world.It is the may birth  gem stone. It id believed that it has the power to cure bad  health ,  various illness  and it insures good health.
Alexandrite and moonstone- Alexandrite and moonstone are june birthstone.It is believed that moonstone may change the phases of the moon. It has power to stable marriages .
Ruby- It is the  july birthstone gemstone.
Ruby  is also a precious type of gem stone and it is found  many places in the world. Ruby is favourite for hundred years in the Burmese  . Now it is mined in Africa. It is believed that it has scared powers and  leads a peaceful life when anyone wears it.
Peridot- august birth stone is the peridot. It has many beautil shades of green.Asia and Pakistan have collected beautiful peridot.It is believed that it protect  from the evil , the forces of the darkness. It has healing power of medicinal drugs.
Sapphire and lapis luzi – Sapphire and lapis luzi are September birth stones.It has different color such as yellow , red , green , orange ,other shades then blue.It is semi Precious gem and is  very unique color that is in cabochon form. It has no combination  blue , black and gold. It has power to foresight into the future.
Opal and troumaline – Opal and troumaline  is a very popular gem stone and it is October birth stone.It  protect from evil and night mares. It stimulates friendships ,healthful emotions ,innocence and purity.
Citrine – Citrine is November birth stone.It comes from the quartz family.It has nice orange color. It is believed to that it has magical healing power. When danger was near these would become invisible that was thought  in the past  period.
Turquoise – Turquoise is December birth stone .It is very unique type , non transparent that is in a cabochon form.These have various color shades like blue , blue and black ,green with black and these are very costly gem. It wears  good fortune ,good luck and happy life.

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