Monday, March 10, 2014

Jewellery items

This jewellery items can be identified elegant ,unique , rigidity and proportions. These ornaments are fashionable and in a rectangular or circular shape. These  may be found in pearls, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. These   have more advantage, whims and trends of fashion.  Classical style of fashions are always out of  time and personal preference. In a frame of white or pink gold a tear shaped diamond  set and this is a jewellery  art. Rings, pendants,medallions and ear rings thats are made of in all colors of gold are elegant,attractive,alluring and exquisitely beautiful. Rings , ear rings and pendants with diamond collections are very beautiful and these are made of clear crystal transparent cells.The young peoples are like most these items.Diamonds are hard and these can  scratch other jewels . These should be store in separate  containers.These can be broken collide with other hard objects  such as. Chlorine bleach can erode  them. It should not be use lotions , dust , soap etc and should not caring daily that may well and dry with soft tissue. It needs to daily care . it should not use toothpaste to clean the jewels because it can harm the ornament .These items are clean with commercial cleaning solutions. To clean all the diamond items with a soft toothbrush. These jewellery items should store  in original container or in a special purse.

unbelievable facts about diamond-anyone  can read these facts about diamonds Some of these may shock ,some of these will creating  laugh and some of these  can surprise to the peoples.Anybody  discover bout his favorite gems. Multicolor  of diamonds -  There are different color of diamonds are found in the world  such as clear or white , blue, pink  and yellow.

Many uses of diamonds-Diamonds are uses as special knives and drills for polishing instruments.Diamonds are used  to wearing glasses , in making the lenses of glasses. Diamonds  are very precious and valuable things and these are used for the making of all kinds of cutting, polishing and engraving tools.Diamonds   are luxury items and limited uses  for designer purses and shoes.Diamond  has excellent investment.These  have stocks,bonds ,  real estate and even gold and silver.These could make fortune in a short time.These are volatile and have unpredictable in their behavior.Diamonds are may visible and yet invisible When these are uses with gold , silver and other specious metals then these are visible. Brilliant diamond can be made invisible. It is need to.Scuring  for investment -It is impossible to distinguish real diamond with the nacked eye and these are identifiable by a qualified jeweler.These should be purchase with a GIA certificate.


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