Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Boishakh collection

There are many more decorated showrooms in Bangladesh. In Pohela Boishakh , there are available many more fashionable dresse,s in showrooms  such as Saris, panjabis, shalwar, kamiz sets, fatuas, tee shirts and shirts are up on the shelves featuring 'deshi' motifs and designs. our country's folk art and designs are chosen by Adroit's Boishakh collection. The designs are collected such as block, applique, embroidery, spray, computer embroidery, hand work and 'karchupi' etc.    The red-and white has been as the traditional terms of colours. yellow, green, sky blue, orange, golden yellow and off-white has also been used.
variety of clay jewellery, handicrafts, and bags are found  in Anjan's opens new outlet in Jamuna Future Park .
Lotto on Boishakh- Luxurious   and  comfortable footwear brand is lotto on boishakh. sportswear are also in stock in this stall.  During the summer season, Polo shirts, T- shirts and tank tops are available. Various types of colourful , attractive designed dresse,s are found for infants .
Adi is organizing two workshops on jewellery making and one for adult persion and the other is for children. They will learn how to make and use materials such as materials Rudraksh beads, glass beads, African Rudraksh shells, leather and pearls to make jewellery. The course fee is 9500 tk per persion. The children' will learn block printing, create wall hangings, build fridge magnets, make book marks and they will learn how to make jewellery from glass, wood, bamboo, pearls etc.. The workshop fee is  5000 tk per persion.     Dressy Dale's Boishakh        - Pohela boishakh is the most important festivals for bengalis. Red with white is the dominant colour of the day. This has also focous on blue, green, orange and black. The materials of cotton, half-silk, georgette, muslin, kota and tussar are collected.
Mayasir- The borso boron collection of Nakshi Kantha”sari. And celebrate the boisakh with this. Noksi is the origin of Persian word and “kanthas” used in Bangladesh for a long term.

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