Friday, May 30, 2014

Humayun ahmed and his books

He was the most favorite writer, novelist, dramatist, screenwriter, play-writer, Lyricist and filmmaker. Humayun ahmed wrote many famous books. His first published book is Nondito Noroké.Humayun ahmed books have new style of writing. He wrote science fiction books. He wrote for children also. His most popular characters are the, Baker Bhai, Misir Ali Tuny .
Television drama and film
Hmuayun ahmed wrote many famous drama in the televishion. And he directed also. The name of first televishion drama  was Prothom Prohor"and it was 1983.” Ei sob din ratri” was the first drama serial in the televishion.
Humayun ahmed was lyricist and in his own films and drama,s  songs were used that was created by him. Humayun ahmed was directed his own films that’s are Shonkhonil Karagar, Aguner Parashmoni, Srabon megher din, Dui Duari, Chondrokotha, Noi no. Bipod shonket, Amar Ache Jol, Nirontor, Priotomeshu, Daruchini Dip, Shyamol Chhaya, Ghetuputra Kamola, Saaj Ghor, Ghetuputra Kamola.
Books- Humayun ahmed wrote hundreds of books and that was new style of writingin various category such as fiction, travel story, science fiction, books for children etc.
Bangla literature enriched by his new style of writing. His writing has attractive magic and the readers have attracted by his writing books magically realy. The bengale nation are proud of him.
1.           His famous books are Holud Himu Kalo Rab by Humayun Ahmed
2.           Kichu Shaisob by Humayun Ahmed
3.           Megher Chaya by Humayun Ahmed
5.           Ami E Misir Ali by Humayun Ahmed
6.           Krisnopokkho by Humayun Ahmed
7.           Brihonnola by Humayun Ahmed
8.           Aj Himur Biye by Humayun Ahmed
9.           Aynaghor by Humayun Ahmed
16.       Achinpur by Humayun Ahmed
19.       Voy by Humayun Ahmed
20.       Debi by Humayun Ahmed
30.       Pufi by Humayun Ahmed
31.       Nabani by Humayun Ahmed

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