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• Imdadul Hauque Milon’s Books

                                                                                  Books, love stories and historical writings,  writer Imdadul Hauque Milon, Writer in Bangladesh.

Imdadul  hauque  milon  is a favourite novelist in bangladesh. He wrote classical stories, historical writings, simple love stories etc. He is a legendary  fictionist in Bangladesh. His writing is very flexible and more popular to the younger people in Bangladesh.  His novel  mainly about human love  between men and women and  that has a more practical diction with feeling. He has written some novels about  genius serious  get  exposed such as Jabojjibon (The Whole Life, written in 1976, published in 1990), Nodi Upakhyan (The Story of Nodi, 1985), Bhumiputro (A Son of the Soil, 1985), Kalakal (Proper or Improper Time, 985), Poradhinota (Subgugation, 1985), Rajakartontro (Time of the Collaborators, 1990) etc. he was only twenty one when he finished his novel  ‘jabojjibon”  he also wrote . O Radha O Krisna and that  was  in1977 and published in 1982. Duhkho Kasto in 1998,   The second   hero in 1979 and that is published in 1990, Nodi upakhyan in1985,    Poradhinota in 1985,  ), Rupnagor ( a place of love)in 1988, Rajakartontro in 1990, Bhumiputro    in 1985,  kalakal in 1985,      uponayok  . In the liberation period he has written novel  “kaloghora”.He also wrote Gherao in 1985, Nirapotta Hoi in 1988, Mohajuddha in 1989, Baluker obhiman in 1990 etc.  He wrote trivial love stories and he becomes more popular to the younger peoples for his writing. He wrote  lots of novels  . Below of the listed books are  popular
Pita Ebong Swamir Mrityur Por
  • Akanto 
  • The readers can download free and read easily from these link below.

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