Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beautiful flowers

Periwinkle flower
Periwinkle flower
It is known as Madagascar periwinkle. It is a species of catharanthus . It’s other name is cape periwinkle, rose periwinkle, rosy periwinkle,” old-maid”.
It is a type of evergreen sub shrub and it’s height is 1m tall. It’s leaves are oval shape and 2.5- 9 cm long and 1-3.5 cm broad. The leaves  are glossy green color, hairless , palecolor and short petiole. It is 1-1.8cm long and arranged in opposite pairs. It has more color such as red  (basal tube 2.5-9cm lonbg, pink, a corolla 2-5 cm that has five petal –like lobes. It’s fruit 2-4 cm long and 3mm broad.It is cultivated in subtropical and tropical areas of the world and beautiful trees with flowers.

Cultivation and uses- It is cultivated for herbal medicine and it is an ornamental plant.For several diseases it is uses the extracts of it’s roots and shoots and it ‘s plants and flowers are poisonous. For the treatment of leukemia and hodgkin’s lymphoma the substances such as vinblastine and vincristine extracted from the plant use. When it is consumed orally then it is dangerous. It is  a toxic substance realy.

Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossom is the beautiful flower in japan and it blooms in spring season. It is also celebrated in the u.s. It has popular color such as white and pink.It’s other name is sakura in japan. The people admired in the beginning during the period of nara. Waka and haiku. This flower of the plant keeps in the parks, temples and shrines and celebrates the beauty of this cherry blossom . The peoples are relaxing and enjoying to view this beautiful flower. This is the beautiful flowering tree in japan.

The flower is as symbolism as clouds because it express  and influence their nature of blooming and nature of life.And it is the cultural tradition in japan. The beauty flower is realy attractive for the people.

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