Thursday, August 21, 2014

Best fragrance flowers

Orange flower 
Orange flower water
orange flower water
Orange flower water perfumes
Orange flower water
 It is the most traditional flower of the world for brides and it has more fragrance.  It is the clear and It is the versatiles and Special scents are produce from it’s oils. It has orange color and it is named by Italian princess name “Niroli”or orange flower oil. The fashion of using the oil began by her for scented gloves. From the leaves and twigs oil of petit grain is obtained by distillation process. These are grown in the spain, France, North Africa and Italy.It  is used in Europe for flavor of Madeleines.  Scones and marshmallows are made by orange blossom in the united states. In Middle eastern and North Africa it is used as cooking. It was mixed with sweet syrup for flavor in Arab. It symbolize purity that is white, delicate and small. In the Midddle east it is added to mask for high mineral content and unpleasant flavors, uses for fragrance test of the water. These are uses  in Europe, North America, Canada , the united states and Middle East. It is called anthonero in Greece and Cyprus. It is called lima zahar in Malta.  It’s Arabic meaning is orange blossom water and called lima zahar in Morocco. It is also used as medicine in Middle east countries.
This is fine fragrance flowers.  It’s scientific name is Cananga odorata.  This grows in South-East Asia. It’s another name is perfume tree or Macassar oil plant. From the Philippines it is originated. By aromatherapy  the essential oils are collected from the flowers.These are evergreen climbing plants.
This is the fast growing tree and it’s family is Annonaceae. It ‘s height  5 m to(15) to 12 m(40).  In full or partial sun it grows well.  The acidic soil is preferable for this tree. It’s leaves are oval, smooth, pointed and wavy mergins and it’s leaves are 13 to 20 cm long. It’s flowers are long-stalked, dropping, greenish-yellow petals, and looks like sea star. It has highly fragrant oil. Under conservatory  conditions this cultivated. For the birds this has black fruit.

ylang-ylang flower necklace
This oil has chemical constituents such as Linalool, Germacrene, Caryophyliene, Geranylacetate, Methyl benzoate, P-cresyl methyl ether, Sesquiterpenes. It’s fragrance is rich . It’s oil is uses  for different purpose such as medicine for high blood pressure, for skin problem. This blends and mixed with fruit, floral and wood scents.This is mostly use for ice cream flavoring.It was also used as a necklace  and it was maked  with the flowers of the sampaguita.

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