Friday, August 29, 2014

Brumansia (Angel’s trumpets)

Angel trumpets
Yellow angel trumpets
White Angel trumpets
Brown Angel trumpets
It is a genus of family solaceaeand it has seven species. It’s coomon name is Angel’s trumpets. This Is woody plant or shrubs. It is 80 to 150 cm long. When it is forked then it blooms. It blooms at a very lower height.  In 1753 Linnaeus first classified it.  It is a part of Datura arborea.  These are divided into two natural groups such as Brugmansia section Brugmansia ( the warm- growing group) species are insighis, aurea, sauveoiens, versicolor etc   and Brugmansia section Sphaerocarpium(the cold group) sepecies are sanguine, arborea, vulcanicola etc. In 1973 Lockwood was challenged two of these species.  This is garden plant.He was said about the Brugmansia vulcanicola , sub species  of B. sanguine and in 1977 R. E Schultes refuted it. Lockwood proposed about it that it is a hybrid of the combination (B. suaveolens and B. versicolor). In 1997 Preissels disproved it by crossbreeding experiments and it was published in 1997.

Pink Angel trumpets
Orange angel trumpets
It is uses for important alkaloids such as scopolamine, atropine, hyoscyamine from Brugmansia and from  Solanaceae.This angel plant is very popular to the people It,s trempets flower is very usefull .

Blue vAngel trumpets

Purple Angel trumpets

.  It is uses as medicine of spasmolytic, anti-asthmatic, narcotic, antichlinergic , anesthetic etc. It is uses as medical preparations  of hallucinogen for divination. It is also uses for balck magic . It is traditionally uses for the treatment of dermatitis, pains, orchities, rheumatism, arthritis, infections, headaches etc.It is also uses  as a decongestant for stomach and muscle ailments.
Brugmansia  grows in moist, well-drained soil, fertile and in sun or part shade . It grows in frost free climates. It’s flower blooms in mid to late spring and in warm climates. It is propagated by rooting(10-20cm cutting). Several species of plants are uses as ornamental plants. Grand Marnier gained the Royal Horticultural society’s Award of Garden Merit about the Brugmansia x candida.

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