Friday, August 29, 2014

Cosmos flower

It is the common flower in the world. It has 20-26 species of the family of Asteraceae.
Cosmos flower
Cosmos flower
It grows in Mexico, Florida, Arizona, central America and The southern

united states, South Africa etc.  During the Anglo- Boer War , it was imported from Artgentina.
pink cosmos
It’s genus is cosmos, tribe croeopsideae, subfamily is Asteroideae, order Asterales.
Yellow cosmos
This is herbaceous perennial plants and 0.3 to 2 m long. It’s leaves looks simple, bipinnate or pinnate and arranged in opposite pairs.It’s flowers look  a capitulum  ring and has a central disc florets. It has multicolor species. This ornamental plants are popular in gardens.It’s height 12 inch to5 feet . It needs full sun and in dappled shade,it grows fewer flowers.  It’s bloom period is early summer.It has multicolor such as red, pink, orange,  gold,yellow, white, chocklet etc.
It is easy to planting. There is no need so support to it.  It is planting from seed.It grows in sunny and well drained soil. It’s soil temperature is 70 degrees F. These flowers are butterfly garden and attracted with monarches, swallowtails, painted ladies. There is bloom heavily white, pink or scarlet.

Chocklet cosmos
Chocklet cosmos
chocklet cosmos
It is the unique reddish brown flowers. It has vanilla fragrance like chocklet candles. It’s smell intringing and poisous tasting flower.  It is a species of cosmos. It grows in Mexico and  grows well in warmer climates. It likes full sun to partial shade. It’s height 1 to 3 feet.  It is a herbaceous plant and 40 to 60 cm long. It has a tuberous root. It’s leaves are 7-15 cm long, pinnate. It’s flowers are dark red to maroon- dark brown color. It’s genus cosmos , it’s tribe is Heliantheae, it’s family asteraceae  and order is Asterales.
It is uses for ornamental plant. It has no self fertile and it does not produce seeds. It is propagated by the tubers or tissue culture.  It is sensitive to frost. It is cultivated in warm season.

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