Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fragrant flowers

Syringa x declaration- In early spring star-shaped reddish purple flowers bloom. The smel lof flower is spicy sweet. This tree is 6 to 8 feet tall and 5 to6 feet wide. In the hottest climates, it takes light shade or full sun. In winter chill most lilacs bloom best. It is flowering woody plants. It grows in Europe to eastern Asia. In temperate areas it is commonly cultivated. It’s Greek  source is syringe and it’s meaning is pipe or hollow tube. These are small trees and their size from 2 to 10 meters tall,  their stems are up to 20 to 30 centimetres.it’s leaves are opposite in arrangement and their shape is heart- shaped and simple. In spring season, the flowers are bloom. It’s fruit is dry. Brown capsule, splitting.
Oriental lily
Oriantal lily
It is powerfully fragrant and gorgeous flower. star gazer is the a type of oriental lily. It has three color such as yellow, pink and white. They looks very nice. . It has brighten petals and some of each type is long flora hybrids or Asiatic. They grow in rock gardens or under trees. It grows in fertile soils and in light. The bright red lily beetles are bloom on the east coast. It prevents damaged petals by it’s beetles off. It’s type is bulby. It’s height is from 1 to 8 feet and breadth  6 inches. It has multi- color such as pink, red, blue and orange. It’s foliage color is gold. It grows in summer.  It’s special feather is fragrance, cut flowers, attracts birds, good for containers. It’s zones 4 to8.
Angel wing jasmine
This flower is semi- evergreen and has glossy green leaves and pinwheel- shaped white flowers.
Family- oleaceae, genus- jasminum, species- niitidum
Angelwing jasmin
Synonym- jasminum magnificium, jasminium  lilicifolium

It’s category is vines and climbers. It’s height is 15- 20 ft. It’s spacing is 12- 15 ft. It’s hardiness is usD zone 9a to 6.6 c. sun exposure is full sun, sun to partial shade. It’s bloom color is purple or white/ near white. It’s bloom time is mid summer. It’s foliag is evergreen. It’s need regular water. Soil ph requirments are 7.6  to 7.8. it’s propagation method is from woody dtem cutting, from seed. It’s flower color is white and it’s garden style is tropical.

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