Monday, August 18, 2014

Lip gloss

Lipgloss is a liquid product that has glossy lustre and may a subtile color. This is available and has frosted, glossy, glittered and metallic finishes.
In 1930 lip gloss was invented by Max factor. It was created by him to make lips shiny and glossy for films. For black and white films it was develop. In 1932 lipgloss was commercially available. Untill 2003 the original formula was sold up.
Lipgloss is a cosmetic that moisturizing benefits and protection from the elements and other natural causes. Lillian Gish was first advertised and that was containing sunscreen.
High shimmer lipgloss
Moisturizing lipgloss
Lipgloss has various types and in different ways it is applied.In a small cylindricak bittke it is contained and applied wiyh asloped applicator or with a lip brush. It has solid or semisolid glosses and is is available in tubes and boxes.”Plumping”is the new types of lipgloss and these are easy, cheapy and harmless and use as Restylane, collagen, juvederm, fat injections etc.These are not so effective and these are short-lasting and temporary.Lipglosses are uses as colory effect to lip. It is more favoirite to youngers and teenages girls and has different colors.
There are different companies are making different types of lipgloss such as High shimmer lipgloss,customer favourite,Rich color gloss etc.
High shimmer lipgloss- It combines with light-catching shimmer, gorgeous, non-sticky shine. It has fine pearls,clear pigments and  color true.  It gives brilliant dimension.  It is contained with vitamin d and E and protect lips
.Burt’s Bees- It is rich in color and mixed with pearlized color. It ,makes lip shiny, soft and 100% naturally beautiful.
It has pinks, ocean sunrise, spring splendor, Rosy Dawn, summer twilight.  Reds/plums- Ruby Moon, starry Night, Nearly Dusk, Evening Glow.It  delevers rich pearlized color and it has high impact shine. It has nourishing oils and has 12 gorgeous shades.

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