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Body lotion
Body lotion
It is a viscosity application to the unbroken skin. Lotions are applied with a clean cloth, cotton wool, gauze or a brush. This may use as a cosmetic contain with fragrances. Lotions are mixed with oil and water and form emulsions. It has substances such as glycerol, petroleum jelly, preservatives, proteins and fragrances  etc. It contains antiseptics, antibiotics, corticosteroids, anti-acne agents etc.
Body lotion
This process completed in two cycles 1. Lubricants and emollients are blended and thickened and 2. These are dispersed  with color, perfume in water cycle. Add flake or powder to the oil and then disperse active ingredients and the water phase is prepared that  has emulsifiers and stabilizers. Then form to emulsion that mixed of oil and water and temperature is 110- 185f(45-85c).
To avoid agglomerates and long processing times for manufacture of lotion. High quality lotions and creams are produces in –line shear mixers . It has no complications and it is popular to people.There are many types of lotions are available such as Japanese cherry Blossom , 
It is moisturize and nourished, smooth and soft. It contains vitamin E, jobjoba oil . Pumpkin – It is moisturize, smooth, soft and nourished. It is also mixed of jobjoba oil and mixed of vitamin E.
Carmex Hydrating lotion

Carmex hydrating lotion
It is a hydrating type of lotion and has greasless. It  has soothness, long –lasting and daily useable. It has high quality ingredients, dep hydration and protect it from damaged skin. It contains with vitamin E and has moisturization. It can soften and heal to the skin. The is also various types of lotion available in the world market such as JOSIE  MarAN,  grace, LAURA MERCIER, SOAP and GLORY, Fresh life, Sephora,  Body Butter,  Fresh sugar lemon Body lotion, JOSIE MARAN Argan Balm, French Lavender Body Lotion Gallon, Grapefruit and Mint Body Lotion Gallon, Rose and Chamomile Body Lotion 8oz, coconut and Vanilla with Tangerine Body Lotion 8oz etc.

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