Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fragrance flowers

The hyacinth is a late spring flower and it is symbolic of early spring. It is the family  of Asparagaceae,  subfamily Scilloideae and is a small bulblus flowering plants.Bordiea ,scilla are classified into the lily family.from bulbs it grows and each bub has four to six linear leaves. It has chubby and sycculent leaves and has a central flower spike. It has more color varities except black. It grows in full or partial sun and well- drained soil. It’s height is 15 t- 20 cm. In the Greek believe that the flowers are grown from the blood of a youth  god  Apollo. It’s flower is sweet fragrance and has more color such as Pink, blue, red, orange, white, violet , yellow etc.
It has three species such as Hyacinthus litwinovii, Hyacinthus orientalis,  Hyacinthus transcaspicus.
In the 18th century garden culture was so popular in South Asia and Netherlands. This  need  indirect sunlight and watered moderately.  It’s  type is bulb and height 1 to 3 feet.  It’s  width is 3 inches wide and foliag color is gold or chartreuse.  It blooms in spring and it is problem solver that is groundcover. It’s special features are fragrance, good for containers, it’s maintenance are low. It’s zone is 4 to9.

Star magnolia
Star magnolia
It is a white star-shaped flowers and blooms in early morning. This flower has subtly sweet fragrance with a  hints of citrus. In the early spring it blossoms and it is a deciduous shrub. It is 20 feet long.It’s scientific name is magnolia stellate. It griws in native to japan. It’s flower is large, pink or white .  It’s height is 1.5 to 2.5 m and breadth is 4.6m. It blooms at young age and it has slightly fragrance. It grows in late winter or early spring. It has color variation such as white, pink.  It’s petal is delicate like tepals. It’s leaves are bronze-green and at mature time the color if leaves turning into deep green. When autumn their leave’s color is yellow


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