Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sweet fragrant flowers

It’s greek name is goddess of the rainbow. It is believed that the rainbow of colors come from it. It has three standard petals and they are different colors such as blue, pink, white, green, red, orange. It’s  type is perennial,  It’s height is 6 inches to 3 feet and it,s width is 6 inches ti 2 feet. It,s  foliag color is gold.Seasonal feather is summer Bloom ,winter bloom or winter interest. It attracts birds and good for containers.
Sweet alyssium
Sweet Alyssum  
It is a very sweet flower and looks prety. It can be grown by seeds and in pots or garden.  It bloom on early spring to fall and require full sun or part shade. It needs low investment and little cost and it will give more fragrance. It’s fragrance spreads into the air. It can grow by seeds and reseed.
Fragrant virgin Bower
Common name-Fragrant clematis,  Fragrant virgin’s Bower, sweet-scented virgin’s bower
Botanical name- Clematis flammula  ,  family- Raunculaceae.

sweet autumn clematis
Fragrant virgin's Bower
Fragrant virgin’s bower grows in southern Europe and northern Africa. As an ornamental plant it is cultivated worldwide. It’s leaves are double compound and thicky, sparsely hairy. This is fragrant white flowers. It has small green achenes. During the newly blooming vondition and that flower contain strong fragrance. This flower is popular for decoration of fences and trellises. This plant is five meters in height and this is poisonous smelling. It grows in full sun, well- drained soil and moist soil. It’s height 3 to 20 feet and 4 to 30 feet. It’s  flower color is red, white, pink and blue. It’s seasonal features are spring, summer bloom, winter interest. It has attractive fragrance, attractive for birds and good for containers.

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