Sunday, September 7, 2014

Control of corruption by family planning and increase of conscience

Corruption in Bangladesh is very common problem. Control of corruption,  family planning is a important method to reducing of
corruption and poverty. Bangladesh is the most density countryin the world. To control of population, Bangladesh should follow the chine’s rule one child policy.
The women of child –bearing age were used 8% contraception in 1975.The number was over 60% in 2010. The fertility rate was 6.3 in 1975 and the rate was 3.4 in 1993. Family planning is a one of best method to giving better health and more autonomy.For the control of family planning , it should need spread out the primary educati0on of the girls in the country.
Various kinds of corruption in Bangladesh such as thief, hijack, robbery, teririsom, black money, politics , contract killing, terrorism, Black marketing, Human Trafficking, Fraud, Robbery, Money laundering etc. In Bangladesh politics are the aim of their personal gain.The politicians invest a lot of money for the win of the elections. Businessman acts politics for control of their business territory. The student’s politics of $102 million (USD) .In Bangladesh 100,000people are involved with narcotics.
Bangladesh is reactive and violent., crime,extortion and tender. In the Asia pacific region Bangladesh is the one of the main country for  Software piracy. Every year software industry loses

Lack of civic sense
The maximum people of Bangladesh are uneducated, illiterate and inherently lack of civic senses. They are increasing the price of commodities .  They have no civic sense about the country and  country’s people. They have no  conscience about the people’s rights that how to survive and how to buy food items.
Transparency International Bangladesh(TIB)- It is a non –governmental organization and it publicizes and monitors corporate  and political corruption  in Bangladesh. It is constitute of advocacy programmers  and it reducing corruption and promotes good governance in Bangladesh. So we should concern about the crime. And every body should alert about criminal activity.  It should be reduce by concern and conscience about the illegal act and control of corruption.

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