Friday, September 26, 2014

Jewellery Box

New arrival design RoHS ISO:9001  

Jewellery box is use for containers of  ornaments such as gold, silver, pearl, diamond etc.  From the past jewellery box is uses. There are various types of jewellery boxes are available in the market such as lether, wooden, still , metal etc.   You can uses summer jewellery box for all types of glass and plastic ornaments.  Made of natural materials such as leather, rock, wood  and precious stones  , turquoise are keep for decorations.  Every woman has jewellery box. The boxes are filled with expensive jewelry and others with cheap but pretty.  The jewelry box has charm. 
Product details-   Brand name- Boyang . It’s place of origin- Guangdong china,   It’s material is
Boyang jewellery box
velvet. It’s size is acceptable.  It’s  quality is high. There are many style of these are found.  It’s material is grey paper, white duplex board and  fancy paper. It’s screen is silky, hot embossing.
Brand name Canosa. It’s place of origin Guangdong China. It’s model number is cps- AB. It’s material
Canosa jewellery box
is pearl shell and resin. It’s inner resin and out side is also resin.  It’s name is decorative storage boxes. It’s size is 298*198*77 mm. It’s shape is Rectangle, round and square. It’s color is Brown, pink, black, white etc.  It’s feather is natural shell crafts.It has natural pearl shell color. The surface of this material is black mother of pearl shell , white shell, pink shell, river shell, brown shell , paua shell, precious stone, freshwater shell etc.
Wolf designs 317192 stackables large jewelry box damaged
It  is decorated and high quality large jewelery box.  It is textured leatherette in it’s exterior and it’s interior is fabric. It’s dimention is It is vibrant and colorful. It has multi storage compartment out and below.
14"w x 10.5"d x 5.5"h. .

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