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Pearl for jewellery

Green date pendate
It is a hard thing that is produced from the mantle tissue that is shelled mollusk.  It is made up of calcium
Pearl blue date pendate
carbonate and is crystalline form. The shape of round and smooth is
the ideal  but it may be found in various types of shape are available. High quality natural pearls are  valuable as gemstones .  This is very rare, fine , admirable .High quality pearls  occur in the wild and these are  natural pearls . At  present pearls are cultured or farmed from pearl oysters and fersh water mussels . These are
 Pearl bracelet    

Pearl necklace
   currently sold in market.  But their quality is very poor. Peearls were used in stitched of clothing. These are also use in medicine, cosmetics and in paint formulations. Wild or cultured gem quality pearls are nacreous and iridescent.There are all species of shelled mollusks are capable of producing pearls. Although these are lesser shine or less spherical shape.The pearls have more color such as pink, white, cream,  silver, green, brown, blue, yellow and black.Personalised jewellery is collected many more nice pearl jewellery items.
 By natural process mollusk can produce pearls.When any irritating object trapped in the molluk’s folds then the these secretion of pearls substance.Bridesmaid jewellery is very popular for women.Verious colors of jewellery pearl items are collected. But most of these are not valued as gemstones. Two types of molluskan are produce  valuable pearls such as bivalves and calms. From layers of nacre, nacreous pearls are made.  And mother of pearl lines the shell. The pearl oyster lives in the sea and bivalves lives in the fresh
Chandri pearl neclace
Natural pearl
water. Saltwater pearls grow several species of marine pearl. The
Silver pearl

Vibrace ear ring
cultured freshwater pearls are dyed green, brown, yellow, blue, purple, black, pink etc.  Many ocacasions , jewellery gifts is available in market.Natural pearls are 100% calcium carbonate and conchiolin. And it is produced accidentally by the mollusks. When a parasite enters mantle tissue cells and this secretes calcium carbonate and conchiolin that covers the irritant. Many times it is secreted and producing pearls. Pearls have different shape such as round, semi round, drop,
button, oval, pear, baroque and circled.Anyone can collected by pearlset online india.There is several pearl seting utube available in the internet such as the link isps:// and
chandri pearl ear ring

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