Thursday, September 18, 2014

Petunia Flower

Petunia flower
Petunia flower
It is a south American flower. It has 35 species.  It’s meaning “ tobacco”. It is the family of solanaceae. It’s sub family is petunioideae. It is pollinated by insect.  It’s flower rare red color. It is pollinated by
It grows in hot climates. It is required five hours sunlight per day. It needs moist soil, low humidity. It is propagated by seeds. It also grows in late spring. Fertilizers may use for this plant one time per month. Different types of petunias are cultivated such as Graniflora, Wave, Multiflora, cascadia, surfinia etc.It’s flowers are wide trumpet shaped.It is sticky and annual flower plants.  It has great variety. It is single, double blooms. It has smooth petals, striped, veined or solid colors. It is hybrid. It has two oldest type such as grandiflora and multifloras. Grandifloras are larger and Multifloras are hold up.  In the rain Multifloras are better. It has different species name calibrachoa or  Million Bells.
Petunia flower
Petunia flower
It’s botanical name  Petunia X hybridra. It’s common name is petunia. It’s maximum varieties like full sun, in the heat of mid- summer, partial shade.It can handle partial sun. From seed these are very slow.  It
needs at least 10 to 12 weeks for planting.It’s seeds need light and so should not cover it. For germination these like warmer temperature.These don’t tolerant frost and like cool weather.For blooming monthly feeding is important. The soil should be well drained.  Should not  give too much water and caused few flowers.

Petunia flower
These are excellent flowers for decoration and ornamental. These may kept in hanging  basket .

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