Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reseda(Mignonetee) Flower

Mignonent Flower
Mignonent Flower
Reseda (Mignonetee)  is a fragrant plant . It grows in southeast Asia, Canary Islands, Iberia and northwesi India. These are annuals, perennials and  biennials .  It’s length is 40-130 cm tall.It’s flowers are small (4-6mm diameter). It’s flowers are multicolor such as white, orange, green, yellow etc and has four to six petals.  It’s fruit is small, dry and has several seeds. It’s growing region is 2 to 10. Season- summer until first frost. Sow outside- sow every three weeks and before the last frost.  Space should be 6 to 16 inches.It’s temperature should be 70°F (21°C). It’s soil ph 6 to 7.5. It’s  seeds should sown at the spring season until the first half of summer. This  plant may 15 to 20 cm. It needs one to three weeks to germinate. It likes sun or part shade. It likes cool weather and moist. It’s soil is rich. It’s dried flowers are fragrant also. It needs 6 inch pots or larger.
Mignonentte Flower
Mignonent flower
Scientific classification
Kingdom- Plantae , ( Unranked)- Angiosperms,  (unranked)- Eudicots, ( unranked)- Rosids, order- brassicales,  family – Resedaceae,  Genus- Reseda.
Cultivation – It is propagated by seeds directly in to the soil.It’s flowers
are fragrant realy.  It has sweet scent. 

It is  uses for perfumes, potpourri. It may grown in pots, in window- boxes.  In Roman times it  was also used as a sedative and treatment of bruises. In perfumery it’s volatile oil is used.

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