Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The perfect earrings for you

Earrings that wore both men and women. These are comfortable and simple ornament and popular. These  are worn daily as wish.  The face, neck and shoulders are accentuate by them. All types of ear rings are not .   Round face-
Polyvore round shaped earring
for all
Round shaped earring

Who have a round face , long, thin earrings will look best . Their face’s widest point is across the cheekbones and it is narrowing at the forehead and jawline.  You should not wear small or bulky earrings.
polyvore round shaped earring
 They can
also wear dangle and teardrop styles. These are great choices for this shape of face.

Polyvore oval shape earring
 Oval face- In women who have oval face shape and their face
narrows from the chheks to the chin that create the oval shape. they can wear picking earrings. They can also wear every style of earring.It is should be remember that the size of the earrings correspond to the size of their face. Who have angular face they can wear rounder models and more curvy elements ring. They can also wear circle shaped or teardrop
Polyvore oval shape earring
polyvore oval shape earring
shaped earrings. These also best for this type of face.  Heart shaped face- These has featurethat’s forhead is wider than the cheeks. The cheeks taper down to the chin.
Who have this type of face they can wear elongated lines and curves types of earrings.
Square face-
polyvore square earring
Amazone square earring
Whose faces don not narrow from the cheekbone to the forehead or  from the cheekbone to the jaw line. They can wear elongated, dangling and hoop earrings.
Narrow face- whose faces are square and more elongated they can wear long dangle earrings and triple teardrop dangles.
Narrow shaped earring
Narrow shaped earring
when selecting the earrings then should follow three factors such as
Narrow shape daimond earring
color, length, shape etc. You should . These rings should shape of neckline or lack of straps. Longer earrings should emphasize the shoulders and neck.  When you will wear bright dresses then should not wear bright colored earrings. When women wear a simple,
monochromatic outfit  then should wear vibrant earrings that will look a beautiful accent.
Earrings choose and based on hair color and length
Earrings are choosing based on hair color. Who have golden hair  they should not wear gold color earrings these make more flattering. They should choice platinum.

Who have dark hair they can wear platinum . Who have red hair they can wear rose gold that will look more stunning.  Who have short hair  they can wear any earrings.  Who have long hair they can wear long dangling earrings or bright color that sparkle and shining.


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