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Very nice sweet flower

Mexican orange flower
Mexican orange flower
Mexican orange
These flowers are orange like smell. It’s height is 6 to 8 and grows in cooler climates or part shade. It’s scientific name is Choisya. It’s another name is Mexican orange or Mock orange. It grows in new Mexico, Texas, Arizona.
Description- This is 1-3n m tall. It’s leaves are leathery, opposite, glossy.  It is broad .5- 3.5 cm. It’s flowers are star shaped, and has 4-7 white petals, 8-15 stamens, green stigma. It’s fruit has two to six sectioned capsule.It’s growth rat is moderate. It’s foliag is green color. It
Mexican orange flower

Mexican orange flower
blooms in early summer. It is evergreen  and special feathers  are attracts by butterflies, birds, Deer resistant.  This is broad leaf evergreen shrub and covers vents, exposed footings, covering vents,  Variegated abella, Razzleberri Fringe flower etc. It’s flower color is white.
It has more exiting foliage shrubs such as , Velvet cloak smoke tree, Rainbow surprise mirror plant,

Uses- These  are popular ornamental plants.  It grows in mild winters and has aromatic smelling. It has another species such as The golden-leaved C ternate sundance, Aztec pearl, inter- specific hybrid . This produces abundant nectar.
Chemistry-It has quinoline alkaloids and produce from the leaves of Choisya ternata.It has antinocieptive activity  from crude plant extracts.
Pests and diseases
These may attack by root rot pythium, snails etc.
Four 0 clock flower
Four o clock flower
Four o clock flower
It’s scientific name is Mirabilis jalapa. It is a ornamental species . Mirabilis means wonderful . In 1540 Peruvian Andes exported it.
Description of flower
It is a curious flower. It has different color such as pink, white, yellow,violet and combination of sector, flakes and spots etc. It has a interesting color changing phenomenon.  When a yellow flower
matures, it can change to a dark pink color. White flower can change to light violet similarly. The flowers bloom at late afternoon. So it is named as “Four o clock”. This flower has strong , sweet – smelling fragrance whole night. And it is close at morning . These are pollinated by long- tongued moths of the Sphingidae family.The moths are attracted by fragrance.
Habitat and cultivation-
It grows in South America and warm temperate regions. It will die in frosts. In full sun it grows well.
Four o clock flower
Genetic studies
Four o clock flower
In examination, when red- flowers plants are crossed with white- flowered plants then produce pink- flower offspring. Those are equal strength and not completely dominates the other. The phenomenon is called incomplete

The flowers are uses in food colouring , such as cakes and jellies and it’s name is crimson dye. It is use as herbal medicine that may use for purgative, diuretic and vulnerary purposes. To reduce  inflammation it’s leaves are used. To treat abscesses decortion of them are used. To treat wounds leafe juices are used.It’s seeds are uses for cosmetic and dye. It’s seeds
Purple four o clock flower
are poisonous.
Red four o clock flower

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