Friday, November 7, 2014

Angora Rabbit

Angora rabbit
English Angora rabbit
It is a strange type of rabbit and it is a domestic animal. It has long and soft hair. It is one of the oldest domestic rabbit. It is originated from Turkey, Ankara  ,and along with Angora goat and Angora cat. In the mid 1700s, with French royalty the rabbits were popular. The end of the century, it spreads to other parts of Europe. In the early 1900s these first appeared in the United states. Their long hair is attractive and  these may removed by plucking or  shearing. They breed in many countries such as German, French, English, Swiss, Stain, Giant,
Chinese, Finnish etc.
Appearance and Coat
They have  wool in their body and bred  . Their wool is soft and silky . These wool have 11 micrones in
French Angora rabbit
Giant Angora rabbit
diameter and it is softer and finer. These are handled carefully and these are docile and calm. From felting and matting on the rabbit , to prevent the fiber. In Angora rabbits, wool block is common. Their need treatment  quickly. Every three to four months these rabbits are shorn in the year.
Diet and wool block
These rabbit has unlimited hay that helps  and prevent wool block. Angora and other long-haired rabbit species have 13% fiber. On the food bag fiber content is found. These are may affected with dehydration so, should encourage drinking water.
Medical consideration
If the rabbits kept indoors and cared well ,then they can live about 7-12 years. The outdoor rabbits can live short life. There are found lower guard hair in the satin Angora and that are easily tangled.
Satin Angora rabbit
Verious types of breeds are found in the many countries such as French, English , Giant and satin. There is common in the German

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